CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Tuesday's sinkhole on Independence Boulevard in southeast Charlotte was among the examples of the rising number of water main breaks and sinkholes in the Queen City, according to utility officials.

"We see 4,000 to 5,000 repair calls a year," said Charlotte Water spokesperson Cam Coley. "We have over 8,000 miles of pipe. Some pipes are over 100 years old."

A vast majority of sinkholes in Charlotte are caused by water main breaks like the one on Independence Boulevard.

Others are caused by heavy rains but thankfully, the soil in the Queen City prevents the sinkholes from being as bad as the ones we often read about in Florida, according to Charlotte Water.

Charlotte Water said the Carolina soil has too much red clay and rocks, where Florida sits on a large layer of sandy soil over the rocks, then water.

Still, large or small, sinkholes on roadways are a headache for drivers.

"We need to get this fixed." said driver Christian Genova. "The sooner, the better."