CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After weeks of no activity at all, work will soon be resumed on the widening of Independence Boulevard.

Work ground to a halt in early-February when the original contractor, DeVere Construction, packed up its equipment and walked off the job, citing a dispute with the North Carolina Department of Transportation over money.

The DOT now says Lane Construction has been selected as the new contractor on the project.

Discussions will be held next week with Lane to determine exactly when the work will resume.

For drivers already fed-up with construction delays, word that work will start again is an indication that the project might finally be finished.

Susan Bridges, who uses the road several times a week said, "I think if one contractor fails to meet the requirements to finish the job and another contractor comes in to finish the job, they are going to do an excellent job because they have to meet a certain expectation."

Despite the weeks where no work was done, the DOT still expects the widening project to be completed on schedule in October.