BEXAR COUNTY, Texas - Cheyanne Chalkley and James Howard Chalkley are accused of severely abusing children using belts, switches and a shock collar, among other tactics.

Cheyanne Chalkley is charged with two counts of injury to a child, and James Howard Chalkley is also charged with one count.

Three children reportedly told Child Protective Services investigators that they had been badly beaten with belts and "switches." Investigators found multiple bruises and abrasions on their skin.

One child also said that both Cheyanne and James Chalkley "take turns" spanking her.

A child also said James Chalkley has "used a shock collar on her," and that it "hurt more" than being spanked with a belt. The child also reportedly told investigators that it was the same type of shock collar used on dogs.

Among these horrific allegations, a child also accused James Chalkley of putting "poop" on her toothbrush and brushing her teeth so hard with it that "it caused her to bleed."

This comes after he believed the children involved "intentionally refused to clean up 'cat feces'" in a closet, according to an arrest warrant.