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Verifying claims about Charlotte's redistricting process

A city council committee is working on drawing new district lines here in Charlotte. But there are lots of questions about the process.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A city council committee is working on drawing new district lines in Charlotte. This comes after the release of new census data. With Charlotte’s population growing more than 20% from 2010 to 2020, right now, only District 7 is constitutionally compliant when it comes to population distribution, so the lines must be redrawn. 

Right now, the committee has three maps they are considering.

But as this process hasn't been done in 10 years, people have a lot of questions about it. We want to walk you through some of the most asked questions.

Can the committee create an eighth district?

Committee chairman Malcolm Graham said creating an eighth district was not the charge given to this committee. They were just asked to redistrict the current districts. 

Committee member Ed Driggs did mention that this recommendation has been made by a citizens group, but it was not practical to create an 8th district right now in a short time frame, but that it is something the city council as a whole could look into. 

Chairman Graham agreed, stating, "That eighth district concept is in the council's parking lot and can be moved by the will of the council."

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Will redistricting change school zones and school funding?

The new lines will only affect who you vote for when it comes to city council district seats. It will not change school zones or funding. Funding for schools comes from the county and state.

Does this plan look at adding affordable housing?

This project is limited to drawing districts to fall in line with the constitution. However, affordable housing is something city council looks at separately from this. 

"I want to emphasize our 2040 plan is very focused on many of those issues," Driggs said. "On housing issues, social justice, and equity and that plan is not affected by this." 

A public hearing on redistricting will be held on Oct. 18. You can email redistricting@charlottenc.gov with other comments you have or visit cltgov.me/redistricting for more information. 

Ultimately city council will vote on the new map. The committee hopes that vote will happen in November.

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