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VERIFY: Answering your booster questions

This new booster by Pzier and Moderna is aimed at the Omicron variant. Mecklenburg County officials tell WCNC is the one most people in our area are contracting.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the new COVID-19 booster rolls out, we have received a lot of questions from viewers.

This new booster by Pfizer and Moderna is aimed at the Omicron variant. Mecklenburg County officials tell WCNC is the one most people in our area are contracting. 

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Can you get a booster if you just had COVID-19 or got the booster in the last few weeks? 

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No, You shouldn't get the booster if you just had a booster or COVID-19. 

Dr. Washington tells WCNC that if you just received a booster, wait until at least two months. If you were infected with COVID-19, wait at least 90 days until getting the new booster. 

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Can you mix booster brands? 


Yes, you can mix booster brands. 

Dr. Traxler tells WCNC that no matter what brand you've had before, it is okay to get a different brand. 

"No, it does not matter which version or versions you have had so far, either one would be good and acceptable," Dr. Traxler said. 

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If you haven't received the first series of shots, can you get this booster shot? 


No, you can't get the booster shot if you haven't received the primary series. 

"You would have had to complete the primary series before you get the dose," Dr. Washington said. 

Dr. Washington tells WCNC the two primary shots are needed, or the Johnson and Johnson one shot is needed before you can receive the booster shot. 

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