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Does your car's color affect insurance prices? VERIFY

Many factors determine your insurance premiums, but there's one thing that doesn't matter: The color of your car.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We've all seen famous red cars on the big screen in TV shows and movies. They're known to be fast, and for decades, red cars have been the subject of myths surrounding the automotive industry. 

One of those myths involves insurance premiums. A VERIFY viewer sent in a question about the price of car insurance and if the color of your car plays a factor in how much you'll pay. 


Does it cost more in insurance if you have a red car? 


North Carolina Department of Insurance
The Insurance Information Institute


No, red cars do not cost more to insure than other color cars. 


An email from the deputy director of communication and safety for the North Carolina Department of Insurance said simply, "It does not cost more to insure a red car than any other color."

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According to the Insurance Information Institute, it doesn't matter what color your car is. It does not factor into the cost of insurance.

Here is what does factor into the price:

  • Car make
  • Model
  • Body type
  • Engine size
  • Age of vehicle
  • Car sticker price
  • Cost of repair 

The price isn't entirely dependent upon what type of car it is, either. It also matters who's behind the wheel. Your overall safety record, if you're male or female and your age can determine whether you pay more for car insurance. 

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