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VERIFY: Here's UNC Charlotte's COVID-19 testing plan

We have heard about colleges instituting new protocols to contain COVID-19, but many are asking who has to pay for testing?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Colleges and universities across the Carolinas have announced protocols for containing COVID-19 on campus this fall but there are still questions about the testing process. 

Many schools are requiring masks indoors or vaccinations for students and staff. Those who aren't vaccinated may be subject to strict testing and quarantine policies. But there's another question about testing: Who has to pay for it? 

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Are unvaccinated students regularly tested for COVID-19?


The University of North Carolina Charlotte


According to UNC Charlotte, non-residential students or employees who are not vaccinated are required to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing. 


UNC Charlotte said 71% of students taking classes on campus are vaccinated. They also said 79% of students living on campus are vaccinated. 

University officials said a weekly email reminder will be sent to unvaccinated students and staff members to sign up for testing. All unvaccinated people must participate in on-campus testing or submit an off-campus test to the school by each Friday. 


Will students have to pay for COVID-19 testing? 


No, according to UNC Charlotte, students do not have to pay for testing.


The university said it would pay for it out of the "Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund," which authorizes $81 billion in federal money.

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