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VERIFY: YES, Certain Steak 48 restaurants are asking for a $100 per person minimum but not in Charlotte

Thousands of people on social media are sharing a picture of a Steak 48 sign that asks people to pay a minimum of 100 dollars per person. Is that happening here?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thousands of people on social media are sharing a picture of a Steak 48 sign that asks people to pay $100 per person per minimum at the restaurant. With a Steak 48 restaurant in Charlotte, many are wondering if that's happening here? 

QUESTION: Is Steak 48 requiring people to pay a $100 minimum per person, and is it happening here in Charlotte? 

ANSWER: Yes, at the Philadelphia and Chicago location, they require people to pay $100 per person minimum. However, the Charlotte location is not currently requiring a minimum. 


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We found Steak 48 has four locations, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. 

We reached out to Charlotte Steak 48 in a statement they sent us they said:

 "The $100 per person minimum is not currently in place at our Charlotte location. We evaluate our policies based on our capacities, staff, and operational needs, which vary among our different properties," Nikki Wolfe Sr. PR Specialist 

When we looked on their website, we found that the Philadelphia location and the Chicago location had it posted on their website requiring a $100 person food and beverage minimum. 

So we can verify that some Steak 48 locations are indeed requiring a $100 minimum per person, but not here in Charlotte. 

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