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VERIFY: Is there a best time to work out?

With summer in full swing, many are ramping up their workouts, but is there a best time of day to hit the gym?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With summer in full swing, many are ramping up their workouts to get the best beach bod, but is there a best time of day to hit the gym for your fitness routine? 

The VERIFY team has received numerous questions about fitness and gym plans, with many people asking if they should exercise first thing or wait until their day is almost done. 

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Under the orange lights, you will find coaches Eleni Michos and Morgan Smith pushing people to get the best workout. 

"We focus on heartrate-based interval training that gives you results," Michos said.  

They have classes throughout the day and see clients as early as 5 a.m and as late as 8 p.m. However, is working out at one time better than the other?

"Morning versus night for that doesn’t matter," Michos said. 

Both coaches explain it doesn't matter because it really depends on the person. 

"If that gets your day going in the morning, amazing. And if it drains your energy because sometimes people getting up at 6 a.m. and going throughout their day is exhausting, then it's probably not going to be your best bet, so the night would probably be best for you," Michos said. 

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A study by Frontiers in Physiology, examined men and women working out in the morning and night. The study found that women who exercised in the morning reduced abdominal fat and blood pressure, while women who worked out at night enhanced muscular performance. Men who participated in the study didn't have much difference in their performance based on the time of day.

What really matters, according to Michos and Smith, is consistency and sticking with your diet. 

"I think it's about finding the consistency," Smith said. "I think it's also about how you fuel your body."

"If you can't wake up early and you can come to the gym early, and if the night is going to be the best option for you then that’s going to hold you accountable and that’s going to be best," Michos said. 

Either way, both times will burn calories. 

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