PHOENIX, Ariz. - A video shared on social media shows an elderly man using a walker being thrown to the ground by a security officer at the Social Security Administration office on Tatum Boulevard.

According to the video description posted on Twitter, the incident happened on February 22nd.

The video shows a security guard telling an elderly man, who was sitting inside the SSA office, to leave. The security guard is seen raising his voice and cursing. It is unclear why the man was getting kicked out. He finally gets the man outside and appears to push him to the ground. The elderly man hits his head on the concrete just outside the building's entrance. The video stops shortly after that after someone says they are calling 911.

Phoenix Police tell 12 News they were called out to the incident and a detective is investigating.

12 News reached out to the Social Security Administration for comment. They sent us the following statement:

"The agency is looking into the alleged conduct of the contract security guard and is dealing with the guard's employer internally. Because the guard is not a Social Security Administration employee, you will need to contact the Federal Protective Service for further information. Social Security believes all members of the public should receive courteous, respectful, and professional service."

12 News reached out to the Federal Protective Service for comment but they have not responded. It is unclear if the security guard is still employed by the company.

The extent of the elderly man's injuries is unknown.