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Vinson Filyaw Admits to His Crimes, Agrees He's a Sick Man

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(Beaufort) - Vinson Filyaw has now pleaded guilty to committing a horrific crime: kidnapping a Kershaw County girl, holding her underground, then sexually assaulting her. (Read Ashley Yarchin's Trial Blog from Tuesday) It's difficult to imagine what goes through the mind of someone who would commit such a crime. But on the day before he entered his plea, he decided to speak one-on-one with News19's Ashley Yarchin, admitting to the crimes out of his own mouth.So we asked him--are you a sick person? "Well, I guess there's something wrong with me for doing all this, yeah," Filyaw said. Yarchin: "Do you ever say to yourself, I can't believe I actually pulled that off?"Filyaw: "Yeah. I say that in two differnt ways. One way is I can't believe I did that. That's just not me, but then, on the other hand, it's like, wow, look at what I accomplished."His accomplishment, though, was the nightmare he forced on a 14-year-old girl. Filyaw says it began with a dispute between he and the Kershaw County Sheriff's Department. He says what he did September 6th through the 16th of last year was revenge. "I guess you could say I have an anger management problem but as far as being a pedofile or somebody that gets off on raping people, no," Filyaw said. "But yeah, normal people don't go out and prove a point the way I did."Just as he admitted to it in a courtroom confession. Filyaw told Yarchin that he posed as a sheriff's deputy and arrested the girl. "I never did anything like that so I was nervous anyway. I guess part of me is like, am I really doing this or am I really going to do this. I mean it's not like me, it's not something a normal person does."But he did it. So you have to wonder, if he knew it was wrong, what compelled him to go through with the kidnapping? "I wouldn't say it was temporary insanity because it wasn't temporary. It happened over a period of time. Isolation from my family, from society, I couldn't even go around my friends. I mean, everybody was looking for me. I'm totally alone in the swamps or the woods or whatever you want to call it."When asked if he had sexual relations with her for all ten days, he responded, "yes."Filyaw knows finding companionship in a teenage girl was not the answer, and that neither was raping her every day she was with him. Filyaw can only hope she will one day forgive him. "The book that I wrote, I can't make any money off of it. I can give it away or I can let somebody else sell it, whatever and I told them maybe I can get somebody to publish it and let her have all the money."Filyaw was expected to be sentenced Wednesday.