CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Major concerns surrounding massive spiders are coming across the Carolinas. Parents are worried about their children's safety after seeing photos posted on Facebook.

The orb weaver spider might have been Wilbur's best friend in the famed children's book Charlotte's web, but for many, it's an unwelcome guest.

"Pretty scary at first," said Hannah Borghi, a Lincolnton resident.

For Hannah Borghi, who ironically lives on Gaston Webbs Chapel Road, the orb weaver spider is right outside her two-year-old daughter Olivia's window.

"What was going through your head when you saw that thing?" asked NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

"Well I was cleaning and I moved the curtain so I could sweep over there. And I look up and boom. There was a giant spider with a big ole' web," said Borghi.

Hannah took out her phone and snapped a spider pic. In recent weeks there have been more scary-looking spiders surfacing on social media.

NBC Charlotte took our concerns to Ryan Dunn, a spider expert at Triangle Pest Control, and asked, "Why now?"

"Early fall into the late fall is actually when you're going to see them as adults, which is why they are more active and the biggest," said Dunn.

Spider experts say these particular spiders do more good than bad.

"They're going to eat little flying insects, like mosquitoes and flies," said Dunn. "So actually, [they're] beneficial to have around."