CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In Charlotte’s fourth ward, you just never know what could be creeping behind every corner.

Mikal Massey runs NC Tours in the Queen City, which includes Segway tours. This time of year, the haunted tours get a lot of attention.

Rumor has it that several buildings in Charlotte, especially the fourth ward are haunted. Our first stop, The Berry Hill House.

“One of the owners of this house haunts Alexander Michaels across the street,” Massey says. “There’s a special booth in the back of the restaurant on the right-hand side. Mr. Berryhill sits back there with his newspaper and coffee.”

Down the street, on Settlers, residents claim one of the condos is haunted.

“Like the vacuum cleaner unexpectedly turning on and off,” says one resident. “We don’t know if it’s a power surge or maybe a friendly visitor.”

This homeowner isn’t dreaming. The tree in his front yard is haunted.

“There were several people that were executed on this tree,” Massey says. “This entire sidewalk is haunted by a woman in her wedding dress.”

Whether you believe it all or not, you can see for yourself. Segway tours are all year round. Groups of up to 25 people are welcome.