CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dunhill Hotel opened in 1929- just after the Stock Market Crash, and in its long history stories of unexplained occurrences come back to life this time of year.

Most of the tales involve 'Dusty,' the 'friendly spirit' that comes to play from time to time.

"It was around 2 o'clock in the morning." said Michael Turner, long-time employee of the Dunhill Hotel. "In the back room I just started seeing lights going on and off... it was quite scary, so I turned around and went down to the front desk for help."

Turner can't explain why the lights went on and off, or why the event scared him so much, but now he believes it's possible for spirits to visit here and make their pressence felt.

"Now I actually believe that there are spirits-- lucky for us and our guests he's a friendly one."

The tales of Dusty begain after a gruesome discovery. A real-life skeleton was found during hotel remodeling in the 80's. The remains of a man were found at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

"He seems to be a very mischievious spirit." said General Manager John Beatty. "We really have a story to tell. I think the Dunhill Hotel adds a texture to this city that a lot of people are yearning for. Sometimes guests will share their own experiences they can't explain."

Beatty also says a bartender recently noticed a glass moving by itself. In order to keep Dusty friendly a new drink was created called 'Ghost Cider.' Ghost Cider has a mix of vodka and ghost peppers and is a popular choice Beatty says.

The Historic Hotels of America just gave the Dunhill Hotel their 'Award of Excellence' for the best historic small hotel, or inn in America.

To learn more about the stories however, you'll have to ask the staff- it's not something the hotel advertises.