MISHIWAKA, Indiana - Usually, you only see this stuff on WWE.

A little kids' wrestling meet in Indiana last weekend was interrupted by a toddler who was just trying to do the right thing. Four-year-old Ruby Lewis was taking part in her first match ever when her brother, two-year-old Jash, thought she was being attacked by her opponent and ran screaming onto the mat.

The little fella grabbed the boy and tried to throw him off Ruby, and their mom Crystal was videotaping the entire thing. “That little boy’s upset, man,” said a spectator who could be overheard laughing on her video.

The good news is that unlike the WWE, or other pro wrestling circuits, Jash didn't smash his sister's opponent over the head with a chair or some other foreign object.

Crystal Lewis says Jash is no novice: Her kids were all introduced to the sport of wrestling by her husband, and the two-year-old loves to wear his headgear and a singlet around the house... just because.