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Who is Steve Bullock?

Get to know the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

Gov. Stephen Clark Bullock

Born: April 11, 1966

Birthplace: Missoula, Montana

Age on Inauguration Day: 54

Party affiliation: Democrat

Campaign website:  stevebullock.com

Education: Claremont McKenna College (Bachelor’s degree); Columbia University Law (Juris Doctor)

Professions: Attorney

Public office: Montana Attorney General (2009-2013); Governor of Montana (2013-present)

Personal: Bullock and wife, Lisa, have three children.

Life and career:

  • As attorney general, he challenged the Supreme Court decision “Citizens United.” The Supreme Court ruled against Montana, 5-4. As governor, signed law requiring anonymous groups to report campaign contributions in state elections.
  • Supporter of same-sex marriage, an assault weapons ban and abortion rights.
  • Signed executive order protecting net neutrality in Montana.
  • Expressed conditional support for allowing Syrian refugees to resettle in Montana.
  • Won re-election in 2016 in a state that Republican President Donald Trump won by 21 points.
  • Has been described as a moderate or centrist Democrat.

Sources: Ballotpedia.com; Missoulian; Montana Governor’s website; Reuters; Washington Post; ACLU

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