BELMONT, N.C. -- Homeowners in a Gaston County neighborhood fear for their safety after they say a woman and her cat were attacked by pit bulls early Tuesday evening.

In a 911 call obtained by NBC Charlotte, a woman said two pit bulls attacked her and her cat along Fite Road near Belmont Abbey College.

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"I kicked the one in the head," the caller said. "He tried to bite me, and they stole my cat and killed my cat, and now they're running around to the neighbor's house, and the neighbors have kids, so I'm kinda really worried about them," the woman said.

Neither the caller nor any other neighbors were hurt.

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Lucy Glenn lives on the same street where the attack happened, and she said the same two dogs have caused problems for months.

"They're wild, and they're vicious," she said. "I'd hate to be out in the yard with my dog and them come out me because I wouldn't have a chance."

Gaston County Animal Enforcement said the owner of the pit bulls was cited for leash law violation, and the dogs are still with the owner.

The woman whose cat was killed was given information if she wanted to file a petition to have the dogs be deemed by the county as dangerous.

If a petition is filed, the county will investigate and could place several preventative measures on the owner, including fencing, spaying and neutering -- plus putting a muzzle on the dogs when they're out in public.