Just like that. 2018 is almost over. 

As we begin to look forward towards the new year, we at NBC Charlotte wanted to take a step back and re-live those heartwarming stories in the Queen City that made us feel good. Those stories that reminded us of all the good still left in this world. 

Here's a look back at some of the top feel-good stories from 2018: (In no particular order) 

1. Firefighters step in after spotting family trying to fill up pool by using pots from the sink

A group of Charlotte firefighters were hailed as heros after stepping in to help out a local family in need. 

After leaving a medical call, Engine 18 stumbled upon a family desperately trying to fill up a kiddie pool by filling up pots from the sink for a little boy's birthday on a very hot Sunday afternoon. 

Without hesitation, Engine 18 stepped in and quickly filled the pool for the family.

Charlotte fire
Charlotte Fire

2. Charlotte non-profit restaurant hires those considered 'unemployable'

The Kings Kitchen gained a lot of popularity in 2018 after the community learned the restaurant, in the heart of uptown, donates 100% of its profits to those less fortunate. They also close down for a couple of hours to hold a bible study. 

The Dream Center uses the money they receive from the restaurant to go out into the community and feed the homeless or provide job training for those considered 'unemployable."

The Kings Kitchen

3. Charlotte police officer 'like a stepdad' to young boys shot in west Charlotte

A Charlotte Police Officer is taking his duties to 'protect and serve' the community one step further. In 2018, the Charlotte community met Office Caleb Costner -- a CMPD officer known for making a difference in his community. After learning two kids were shot while sleeping in their beds almost a month ago -- Officer Costner is pretty much a stepdad to the two boys now. 

Officer Costner

4. You can see the joy in their eyes | NC woman turns her home into a retirement home for senior dogs

A North Carolina woman has turned her home into a retirement center for senior dogs. 

Verna Wilkins was just 12 years old when she rescued her first senior dog. Now, 43 years later Wilkins has started her own non-profit for rescued senior dogs in Tryon, North Carolina.

Turning her home into a retirement home for senior dogs meant Wilkins could always keep watch of her dogs, 24/7.

Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary
Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary

5. Stop what you're doing because this pregnant foster dog just had the cutest maternity photo shoot

A photo of a pregnant foster dog having the time of her life in a maternity photoshoot quickly went viral in 2018 -- I mean, come one, just look at her face! 

Dog maternity shoot
Sarah Freeman

6. Emu and donkey, an inseparable pair, find their forever homes with Walking Dead actor

A story about an Emu and a donkey at a local rescue farm in North Carolina quickly garned the attention of not only the Queen City, but of the nation. 

The two, Jack and Diane, were up for adoption but came as a pair. Months after the rescue farm's plea went viral -- Hollywood Actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife  Hilarie Burton, adopted the pair of rescue animals from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Center.

jack and diane emu donkey
"At first we said 'wow is this real?" Julie from the Rescue Center said. "But then communication started happening via email." Carolina Waterfowl said they were super excited to get the pair adopted out to a family that would love them as much as they do. "We had to do our due diligence and do some research about Jeffrey," Julie said. "But once we saw how he has helped other animals we knew it would be an amazing place." According to the rescue center, Jeffrey frequently posts pictures of his farm and animals on social media."He does post quite a bit on Twitter and we will be able to see what goes on. They're very special," Julie told NBC Charlotte.

7. Farmer plants thousands of sunflowers in Waxhaw

The story about a giant sunflower farm in Union County not only went viral in 2018 -- it stopped traffic. NBC Charlotte learned the person who planted the flowers just wanted to brighten people's days. 

Sunflowers waxhaw

8. I-77 hitchhiker who went viral with ukulele cover of 'Wagon Wheel' recording album

In 2018, a video of two hitchhikers serenading a driver on I-77 in Iredell County went viral. The two have quickly found their voice -- and fame. 

9. Man on a mission to mow 50 lawns in 50 states for those who can't

Hello to North Carolina . I will be mowing in Charlotte in the morning .

A man on a mission to mow 50 lawns in 50 states made us smile in 2018. 

Rodney Smith Jr. started a nonprofit company called Raising Men Lawn Care Service. Rodney and his partner go around Alabama mowing lawns for those who can't mow lawns themselves. Rodney then took his self-act on the road. 50 lawns. 50 states. 

10. Newborn daughter of soldier killed in Afghanistan photographed with fellow soldiers


A photo of a newborn baby photographed with soldiers in North Carolina melted our hearts and the hearts of many on the internet in 2018. 

Britt Harris was ecstatic when she learned she was pregnant back in October. Her husband, SPC Christopher Harris, was just deployed to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, Harris would never get to meet his daughter. He was killed in a suicide bombing just a week after he learned of the pregnancy.

Harris' wife wanted to pay tribute to her late husband the only way she knew how... with his fellow soldiers by her side.