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'Dear Drug Dealer, If You Knew the Pain You Caused, Would You Stop?'

A Facebook message to drug dealers shows the heartbreaking truth about addiction.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A recent Facebook post by Stokes and Surry County Incident Alerts has a lot of people talking about addiction, and where it begins.

The post begins with, "Dear Drug Dealer," and is followed by a series of questions that show the heartbreaking truth about drug abuse. It has over 200 shares, with some people sharing their own stories of how addiction has impacted their lives. 

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The post begins, "As you sit there counting your cash, do you know that while you count it, someone dies?"

The post continues, "Do you know you deliver children into a life time of pain? Do you know you cause divorces? Do you know you cause people to argue in which sometimes turns into break ups? Do you know you kill people who have never met you because your customer got behind the wheel or overdosed? Do you feel no sympathy for the orphaned children you forced into a life they did not ask for, or the grieving mother, father, sister brother or spouse? If you could follow every little baggy on its journey after it leaves your hands and watch the suffering pain and deaths that you cause would you stop?"

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The Stokes and Surry page ends the post by asking the drug dealer, what if [addiction] happened to the person you love most? Would [the dealer] stop?

Dozens of people are sharing their own stories or opinions on the matter. 

"[Addiction] has hit my family and destroyed my family," one person wrote.

"The sad thing is, the drug dealer doesn't care and our community pays dearly for it," said another person.

"So sad, drug dealers don't care. Need stronger convictions," wrote another person.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we have a list of resources you can reach out to for help. 

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