On his first day off after a long road trip, Nic Batum could take advantage of some much-needed rest. Instead, the Hornets' small forward spent Sunday afternoon hanging out with the Jr. Rollin’ Hornets wheelchair basketball team.

“I was very surprised,” 12 year-old Preston Howell said.

To level the playing field, Batum strapped into a wheelchair of his own. It didn’t take long for him to gain an appreciation for wheelchair hoops.

“Man, unbelievable,” Batum said. “That’s not easy to do. I mean I did it for only 20 to 25 minutes? I’m tired. I’m done.”

Howell has played wheelchair basketball for five years, and his experience showed. He hesitated at first, but eventually admitted he’s a better player than Batum.

“Yes, kind of," he said. "Yeah.”

Howell also had some advice for the Hornet’s second-leading scorer.

“Keep on practicing," he said. "Keep on doing better at what you do.”

It’s a good thing the Hornets don’t play again until Tuesday. Batum will have plenty of time to rest up for their matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers.