CHARLOTTE - His nickname is Big Red and Harding coach Sam Greiner only explains it like this: "Big Red is a definition of Harding football. A hard-nosed nasty guy. He's nasty. And he opens up doors for women in the school. He's a great man. But on the field he's one of the nastiest people you can ever meet."

The thing is Big Red, aka Jovaughn Gwyn, is a pretty quiet, respectful kid. Unless you're lined up against him.

"If there was ever a room with 20-30 people in it, and only one can come out alive," Greiner said, "Big Red's the one that's coming out alive."

Gwyn is 6-foot-3, 290 pounds, and a big reason why Harding (9-1) is having a historic season.

"We can take it all the way," said Gwyn. "We have a lot of leaders on the team. When it comes here it's all about family, it's not about themselves it's about us. That's important."

Gwyn projects to be an offensive guard at the next level, but also plays defense. Some college scouts told him they remind him of LA Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

"When they watch his film they say he looks like Aaron Donald," said Greiner. "That's pretty impressive."

Gwyn is impressive as a person too. He's qualified for college b ut keeps taking the SAT to improve his score.

Of his 20 division one offers, South Carolina, Duke and NC State appeal to him the most.

The biggest factor will be the family environment with the coaches and players," said Gwyn. "And not only that the education. I want to do either business or engineering. My family they're really in to the education part.

But while his recruiting heats up, Gwyn is focused on taking Harding all the way.

"I just take it as it comes. I try not to think about it as much in the season," he said. "Take it easy and going through the motions."