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One-On-One with Charlotte MLS host and reporter Tiffany Blackmon

Blackmon discusses the excitement surrounding Charlotte's MLS team

While the sports world is currently shutdown due to COVID-19, there's a lot to look forward to once it resumes and that includes Charlotte's MLS team.

We spoke with the Charlotte MLS host and reporter Tiffany Blackmon about the excitment surrounding the team and it's inagural season which is set for 2021.

"Everyone is just ready for it to happen. They're so excited. You're seeing everyone from fans to even the athletes. I've gotten to talk to Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, and Tre Boston and those guys are even excited about us having a team. I think it's something that this community has longed for," Blackmon said. "Just in my experience playing soccer growing up and traveling when I was younger whenever I would come to the Carolinas I always equated it with being a soccer city, a soccer place so it's really deserving. I think the timing is right for them to be able to get this team and everyone is just thrilled and really excited to get going."

While the everyone waits patiently for the first season, the organization is also hard at work selecting players for its academy.

"They've been scouting some of these guys, some of these younger players to look for some locally home-grown talent and not just in Charlotte it's throughout the Carolinas to build a foundation," Blackmon said. "We're really proud of that right now, and I think that's something everyone looks forward to seeing the release of which kid has made the academy next. That's been really fun."

Although sports are currently on hold, Blackmon knows once the inaugural season gets here it will be special.

"I think the stands are going to be packed. There's probably going to be a whole bunch of different support groups. We've already got quite a few that have already started, and we haven't even played yet. I think all the build up to it is going to lead to a phenomenal turnout, a phenomenal inaugural season. That first game can't come soon enough," Blackmon said.