CHARLOTTE- When you walk into Bank of America Stadium on any game day, you're surrounded by Panthers fans. There's Cam Newton jerseys and cheers for Christian McCaffrey but right in the middle of all the madness is one of the biggest fans you've probably never heard of.

Cameron Boulware is the younger brother of former Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware. He's four years younger than Ben and faced many challenges, but growing up the Boulware brothers always treated him the same.

"I think that's so tough because we treated him like a normal little brother. I think the best word would probably be a blessing," Ben said.

The older Boulware has a tattoo on his ankle to remind him of those daily blessing. It's a pair of mismatched socks.

"We tried to teach him how to match his socks, because he'd go to school or go wherever and he'd have like one long black sock and one white ankle sock, and we're like you can't do that dude," Boulware recalled.

But it wasn't Cameron who learned a lesson; it was Ben.

"I'm going to be who I want to be, and be happy. I think that's a great mindset and attitude to have," Ben explained.

This weekend, he faces one of the toughest football challenges he's seen as he tries to make the Panthers roster, but no matter the outcome there's one thing that won't change.

"It's just super cool to know Cameron is going to love him no matter what," the boys' mother, Krystal Boulware explained. "He can miss a tackle, ball out, or have a bad game and Cameron is going to love you no matter what. I tell all my boys all the time that they really need to appreciate what they have in Cameron because of that," Krystal said.

For Cameron, it's not about the team or the spotlight. It's about his brother.

"What are you the most proud about Ben?" Krystal asked Cameron while they watched Ben in the final Panthers preseason game.

His response was simple.

"I love Ben."