CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Although the Panthers game against the Falcons didn’t end the way Cam Newton wanted, things after the game went exactly as he planned.

“At the end of the day, you guys turned out exactly how I wanted y'all to,” Newton told 13 kids from Levine Children’s Hospital and their parents on the field at Bank of America Stadium.

It was the final stop for the kids, who started their day off being bused to the stadium. They watched the game from a suite and were all given jerseys and a pair a Beats headphones thanks to Newton and his foundation, the Cam Newton Foundation. 

The festivities were all part of his annual “Christmas with Cam” event. During the game, the children also received visits from Santa Claus and Sir Purr.

The highlight of the day, though, happened after the game. Each child ran through a tunnel to be greeted by the Panthers quarterback, who spent time with the kids and wished everyone happy holidays.

“Spread some holiday cheer to everyone you come in contact with for the next year, and I promise you I’ll do the same,” Newton said.