CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Third-year wide receiver Curtis Samuel was all the rage at Carolina Panthers training camp. The former Ohio State Buckeye from Brooklyn, NY is healthy after battling injuries and a heart issue in each of his first two seasons.

But when Samuel has been on the field, he has been borderline great, with 5 receiving touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in just 22 games.

Samuel has also been active in the community since his rookie season in 2017.

He let NBC Charlotte Sports Director Nick Carboni tag along to a recent visit to the Boys & Girls Club at Starmount Academy of Excellence.

NICK: You’ve been involved with the Boys & Girls Club ever since you got to Charlotte your rookie year. Why’s it so important to you?

CURTIS: I just feel like any opportunity I can to give back, any organization I can do justice by giving something I feel like that’s great for me. I’ve grown up where sometimes people can’t always give you stuff. There’s not many people from Brooklyn that’s in the NFL, my platform and opportunity I want just to give back.

NICK: You scour all 32 NFL rosters you don’t see many guys from New York City, how does a kid from Brooklyn become the starting wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers?

CURTIS: It’s a long story. I’m just grateful. I wouldn’t want to be from any other place. Just to say I’m from Brooklyn, NY, and put my city on the map. Show the kids out there that it’s possible. Even though there may not be too many scouts. You might just have to work a little harder, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

NICK: What do you want to get across to any of these kids that you come visit.

CURTIS: Anything you dream of is possible. You have to just put in the work and put in the time. And for that dream to come true you need people around you. Family, friends to help you in that right direction to keep you stable.

NICK: There’s a lot of buzz about you coming out training camp, you’re one hundred percent healthy and feel good. What excites you the most about the season you could have?

CURTIS: It’s no ceiling for the things I can do. Ain’t nothing better than being able to go out there on Sundays and help your team out, and help your team win games and put on for Charlotte.

NICK: Is there no ceiling on what you can do for them while you’re a Carolina Panther?

CURTIS: Absolutely not. Any opportunity I have to give back whether it’s holidays, any day, I’ll always give back.


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