PICKING THIS WEEKEND'S BIG GAMES – College football is headed for the meat of conference play.

CFBCountry.com's Josh Parcell joined NBC Charlotte's Rob Hughes to pick three of the biggest games.


Josh: People may be wondering why I’m picking Maryland and Minnesota. This is my best prediction of the week. This is the one I feel the most confident in. I think that Maryland, a team that got off to a great start earlier in the year against Texas, all of a sudden has lost all of its quarterbacks. Kaseem Hill goes down last week with a leg injury. He’s doubtful. Max Bortenschlager is the guy this week. Bortenschlager is not getting it done against Minnesota.

Pick: Minnesota 35, Maryland 14


Josh: This is an instance of an injury really derailing a team. Deebo Samuel going out for South Carolina has been a huge problem for them. Now the offense doesn’t have anywhere to turn. That’s a problem going against Texas A&M who has an excellent rushing attack. Three running backs including Treveon Williams. They just have too many weapons. I think that South Carolina doesn’t have the defense right now, ranked in the bottom half of the SEC. They just don’t have the defense right now to keep Texas A&M out of the end zone enough.

Pick: Texas A&M 38, South Carolina 21


Josh: This is the biggest game for Virginia Tech in over a decade, maybe close to 20 years. College GameDay is going to be on campus for the first time since 2007. There’s just a ton of energy and hype around this game. It’s going to be tough for the Hokies in this one. Outside of Cam Phillips at receiver, similar to Deebo Samuel at South Carolina, he’s their only weapon on the offensive side. I think Clemson has too many guys on the offensive side, too much firepower. I don’t think Virginia Tech can keep up.

Pick: Clemson 34, Virginia Tech 17