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Here's what's next for the Georgia Bulldogs

The Dawgs will face Alabama for the national title -- again.

ATLANTA — Georgia beat Michigan in the Orange Bowl in Miami on Friday, securing the Bulldogs a spot in the College Football Playoff National Championship game. It's the second time the Dawgs will play for it all in the last four years. Here's what we know about the title game.

When and where is the College Football Playoff National Championship Game?

The championship game will be held Monday, January 10, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who is playing in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game?

The Georgia Bulldogs (13-1) will face the Alabama Crimson Tide (13-1) for the college football title.

How do I get tickets for the College Football National Championship Game?

If you plan on going to the game, hopefully you've been saving your money all season long because it likely won't be cheap. 

During halftime of the Orange Bowl, tickets were going for between $1,111 and $4,321 on Ticketmaster.com. 

Over at StubHub.com, it wasn't much better. The lowest ticket price was just over $1,000. And again, that's before the Orange Bowl even ended.

The one saving grace may be that Georgia-Alabama is not exactly a new matchup, and it's not exactly a novel experience for Alabama fans. The Crimson Tide won the national championship last year, and have won it all six times since 2009. 

In fact, in what may be an encouraging sign, during halftime, ticket prices dropped to just below $995 on Ticketmaster and kept dropping. Of course, that's upper-level seats, and we're still talking more than $900 per ticket.

Still, it would be Georgia's first national championship in more than 40 years, so Dawgs fans are sure to be excited -- and ready to pony up big bucks to see it.

When was the last time the Georgia Bulldogs won the college football championship?

Georgia's first -- and only -- national championship came in 1980. That season, they beat Notre Dame to win the Sugar Bowl and the national title (there were no playoffs back in those days). 

When was Georgia last in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game?

The Dawgs last played for the title in January 2018. In a game that many Bulldogs faithful would like to forget, Alabama beat them -- in Atlanta -- 26-23 in overtime.

When did Georgia last play Alabama?

The national title game is a rematch of the SEC Championship Game, which took place in Atlanta on December 4, 2021. Alabama beat the then-undefeated Georgia Bulldogs 41-24. 

Who is 99 on the Georgia Bulldogs?

What does this have to do with the game? Well, according to Google Trends, this was the top breakout search during the Bulldogs' Orange Bowl win. For the record, that's defensive lineman Jordan Davis, a 6'6" senior from Charlotte, N.C. The 340-pounder impressed many viewers.

Who is favored to win the college football national championship game?

At the time the story was published, odds had not been released yet. Stay tuned.

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