CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers are expected to be in for a new practice facility after Owner David Tepper made a comment to media ahead of the Panthers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game.

The current practice facility on site next to the Bank of America Stadium is dated. One of Tepper's first comments as owner was that it needed to be upgraded.

His November 8 comment to media marks his first public announcement on the upgrade. "It'll be very surprising if we're not playing indoors before the end of next summer, for practice," Tepper said.

He would not yet announce where the facility would be. Some think it might be next to the stadium, while others believe it might be on the North and South Carolina border.

When asked, Tepper responded, "Why would I do that? Don't I want to keep to keep you guessing a little bit?"

No word yet on if Training Camp will take place at the facility instead of Wofford.