CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Members of the Hornets swarmed around the Queen City Monday afternoon.

Four different groups went to Novant Children's Hospital, McDonald's, Family Dollar and Food Lion to surprise fans and build excitement for the fast-approaching season.

Dwight Howard was part of the group that visited the McDonald's off Wendover near Monroe Road.

Howard and his teammates helped run the drive-thru and took orders from customers. Nick-named "Superman", Howard was even gifted his own McDonald's cape.

"It's always fun to be at McDonald's and to serve people and give back," Howard said. "It's always a great feeling."

While Howard was busy dishing out fries, Cody Zeller was part of a group that visited the hospital.

"We try to put a smile on these kid's faces, who might be going through a tough time," Zeller said. "To see us, to play wii with us, to get an ice cream sundae from us, hopefully that'll brighten their day a little bit."

The Hornets begin the season Wednesday on the road in Detroit. Their home-opener is Friday against Atlanta.