CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The PGA Championship officially begins Thursday, but if you’re at Quail Hollow Club for more than just the golf, is it possible to have a good time on a budget?

So, we put it to the test. How far does $40 go at the PGA Championship?

Stop No. 1 on the $40 challenge – The concession stand. Chances are, you’re going to spend the entire day at Quail Hollow and you’ll work up an appetite and be thirsty.

Basic lunch at the PGA

Hot dog: $5

Lay’s potato chips: $3

Soda: $5

Total: $13

But we think we can do better than a hot dog and potato chips. And you can’t have an event in the Carolinas without barbecue, right? Fortunately, Queen City Q is here to help, as they’re the only local restaurant with a location at Quail Hollow this year.

Queen City Q lunch

Bottled water: $3

Mac and cheese: $5

Barbecue sandwich: $11

Total: $19

For a few extra dollars, you’ll get a massive pulled pork sandwich and delicious mac and cheese for less than $20!

But let’s say you’re not looking to spend your $40 on food. A quick stop at the PGA pro shop shows there are plenty of affordable options for adults and kids. Looking for a hat? Well, you’re in luck, because every PGA Championship cap is less than $30, with many of them coming in at about $28.

Want to pick up something for the kids that can be signed by their favorite PGA pros? Score a Quail Hollow poster for $16 or an oversized golf ball for only $12. Better yet, get both and still have over $10 left.

So, there you have it. Bargain hunting at the PGA Championship is possible.