CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Phil Pouliot is a happily married man but there is someone else or something else, rather: the game of golf.

"Well I've loved it all my life but I've never been good at it. I'm still at hack," says the retired Pouliot.

What he lacks in skill, he makes up for with his love of the game, following the biggest names in the game as a volunteer for the PGA.

"I think what I enjoy the most is that the golfers really appreciate what you're doing. I mean they go out of their way a lot of times to thank the volunteers," Pouliot told NBC Charlotte.

Phil left his home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and traveled more than a 1,000 miles in his RV to give his time and talent to the first tournament of it's kind in Charlotte.

"I've done [tournaments] at Pebble beach... but I've never seen anything like this, this is the Super Bowl of golf," Pouliot said to another volunteer.

Except this tournament is different than others for Phil. It's his first on the leaderboard.

"Great view of the action," he laughs.

But life on the leaderboard can be a mental and physical challenge.

"With 156 guys, it's hard to keep track of them all," Phil says, but he manages.

They see it all, every drop of triumph and frustration displayed by the golfers at the 8th hole.

He's generally unbiased, a fan of the game but if he to pick one favorite golfer... "Well my name is Phil, so I have to go with Phil!"

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