CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This week’s student athlete is gearing up for a big game as Myers Park faces rival Butler High Friday night. 

For Myers Park senior Duwe Farris, the sky really is the limit. He takes AP classes, he’s climbed Mount Ranier, and he’s leading the Mustangs to victory!

“Duwe is a tremendous student athlete. We’ve grown from being able to compete, to last year-winning games, and now being expected to win and he’s been a big part of that,” said head boys basketball coach Scott Taylor.

Best of all, Duwe Farris is having fun doing it.

“It’s awesome, you know. We’ve got a great team this year; a lot of young guys. We’ve really come together as a team,” said Farris.

Coach Taylor said Dewey has been key in making that connection.

“Duwe connects with all of them. He wants to. He cares about them. He cares about his team, even his classmates. He’s a big fan of the other sports on campus and you can see that, even at our games, because you have a bunch of people come support him,” said Taylor.

Farris is a true Mustang at heart.

“It’s been great to play in front of all of our great fans. It’s awesome to have the teachers who are invested as well and great coaches,” he said.

Turns out, there is heritage behind all that school spirit.

“My grandfather actually went here back in the 60’s, so it’s cool to play at the same school he was at,” said Farris.

Duwe has a lot of opportunities after high school.

“When the season ends we will sit down and see what fits him best academically and socially in a place he really wants to be, but he has plenty of choices,” said Taylor.

Duwe would like to play basketball in college and said he may be interested in studying politics.