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CHARLOTTE - Flow. In baseball your hair says it all.

"I normally wear it in a man bun and I catch all those jabs," said Knights staffer Chase Baumgardner, who sports quite the flow himself. "I'm kind of hoping to lose the stigma of the man bun but know that it was for a good cause."

Baumgardner is the clubhouse and equipment manager. His duties include providing players pre and post game meals, doing the laundry. and just about everything else.

"Basically I'm like the team mom," he said.

And he's got the hair to match -- 14 inches of flow, but it's all set to come off.

"Today I am donating my hair and shaving my head for the Vs Cancer Fund," he said.

Two and a half years of locks and curls -- gone.

With the help of friends, family, and even players, Chase has raised over $3,000.

"My goal was $2,500," he said, "and I'm hoping to push that a little further now."

After the team took batting practice it was time. First a volunteer from Great Clips chopped off his ponytail. Then White Sox pitching prospect Michael Kopech took the razor, and buzzed Chase's head.

Not only did Baumgardner raise money for Vs. Cancer, but his hair will be donated to Wigs For Kids.

"We all take this for granted that you can just grow hair," Baumgardner said. "If I can help one one kid make a difference in their life whenever they're going through that struggle, I thought that would be a nice way to do it."