CHARLOTTE - Some of the top Division I football prospects in the state, and the country, reside in the Charlotte area.

NBC Charlotte sports director Nick Carboni sat down with three of them for an informal chat, to get insight to what it's like to be a highly-prized college football recruit.

The recruits are:

Jordan Davis, Mallard Creek, Defensive Tackle

Considering: UNC, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Florida

Dax Hollifield, Shelby, Linebacker

Considering: Stanford, Florida State, Virginia Tech, UNC, South Carolina, Clemson, Alabama, Florida

Rick Sandidge Jr., Concord, Defensive Tackle

Considering: Florida, Georgia, UNC, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Penn State, Michigan

Nick: How often do people ask you where you're going next year?

Dax: We sell discount cards for our fundraiser every year. I go door to door. Every door I went to in Shelby I got asked where are you going to college?

Rick: When I had my Top 11 I made it my screensaver and whenever anyone would ask me I would just show them my phone.

Jordan: When I go to the store, they be like, I know you're playing somewhere. I'm like, I'm just in high school. Someday I'll be able to play for such and such but right now I'm just going through the motions.

Nick: What do you do with all of that mail (recruiting letters)?

Jordan: They send it to the coach's office and sometimes to my house. The ones I do get I put in a little box for my mom so she can look back and have it.

Dax: My dad is a teacher so we've got a bunch of paper boxes. I have 8 or 9 of them just full of mail. I probably have a 100 something not even opened.

Rick: I have an attic to the side of my room and I have a box and I just put all the mail in my attic.

Nick: Do you agree with the adage that you should pick a coach and not a school?

Rick: No. Because what if he ends up leaving?

Dax: I wouldn't want to try and pick a school based on a head coach. Because he could leave any time. You shouldn't do that.

Nick: All these schools have fun game atmospheres, traditions, good academics. So what sets them apart from each other to a recruit?

Rick: Home. Saying I can live here for the next three or four years. If something was to happen to me, would they be able to take care of me? Like that could be my home for the rest of my life, really.

Jordan: Home. If football is out of the equation would I still go to school here?

Nick: How much do you pay attention to recruiting rankings?

Jordan: No. It's all about a state championship. I don't want to leave North Carolina without a ring on my finger. Don't pay attention to that glitz and glamour because at the end of the day it's going to be the hard work pulling you through.

Nick: How much does academics play a part in your decision?

Jordan: A lot. You can't go to school without academics.

Rick: But every school has academics. Everybody has good academics. You're going to get your degree no matter what.