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Which NFL coaching job opening is the most enticing? | Locked On NFL podcast

Between the teams with current head coach vacancies, which job out there is the best? One former NFL scout's answer might surprise you.

NEW YORK — Editor's note: The above video was recorded prior to the Giants firing Joe Judge, and focuses on the Dolphins, Jaguars, Broncos, Vikings and Bears openings

There are now seven NFL teams that have a job opening at head coach if you include the Las Vegas Raiders, who are currently in the playoffs with interim head coach Rick Bisaccia leading the way.

The Broncos fired Vic Fangio over the weekend. On Monday, the Bears fired Matt Nagy, the Vikings fired Mike Zimmer and the Dolphins fired Brian Flores. On Tuesday, the Giants fired Joe Judge. And, of course the Jaguars fired Urban Meyer weeks ago.

While the writing was on the wall for Nagy and even Zimmer maybe, not all of these firings were expected, especially the one in Miami. 

On a Locked On NFL insider report, former NFL scout Matt Williamson said Flores' firing really took him by surprise.

"I thought Flores was a really good head coach that over achieved last year, put together a great win streak this year, brought his team back, didn't have a ton of offensive talent and still kept his teams in games, very creative defensive mind," Williamson said. "A lot of these coaches that just got let go will probably hook on as coordinators, but I could see Flores getting another head job."

With the jobs that opened up on Monday, Williamson spoke about which openings are the most interesting.

"When we look at these jobs, culture is probably the first thing I would look at if you're ranking the criteria of what you want from these jobs. Ownership and culture to me are the most important, of what you're walking into," Williamson said. "I would say Miami's is probably the strongest of the open ones. Minnesota is in that conversation too, they've won a fair amount of games over the past few years and are used to not being a bottom feeder."

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Williamson said he has mixed feelings about the Minnesota Vikings job, because of the recent mediocrity and not a lot of money to work with this offseason. But, because of their division it could still be a highly enticing job.

"What I do like about that division, depending on Aaron Rodgers' situation but he won't be in Green Bay long even if he does stick around, is there's not another dominant team besides Green Bay that is scary right now."

The Chicago Bears fired their GM and coach following a 6-11 season with a year under the belt for rookie QB Justin Fields.

"I'm a huge Justin Fields fan and I thought he passed every test this year and got better on every viewing," Williamson said. "However, the rest of the cupboard is really bare there, plus they don't have a first round pick this season so it's not going to be an overnight fix...It's a strong organization though, too. It's just going to take a while to build that roster how you like it."

Host Kainani Stevens asked Williamson about the ownership situation in Denver. With a possible move to sell looming in the near future, how important is that for someone taking the Denver job?

"If it weren't for the (ownership situation) and the fact that Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes are in your division, let alone the Raiders, that would be the top job. Those are the two obstacles. Who's my boss? And who am I battling in the division? Those two questions are big," Williamson said.

While Miami may be an enticing job with a young roster, a strong defense and the good culture at the ownership level, Williamson believes that job opened because they already have a candidate in mind. While ESPN reported Miami is not targeting Jim Harbuagh, it would make a lot of sense given owner Stephen Ross' ties to Michigan as an alumnus and donor.

"It makes you think ownership has a guy that's just too good to pass up," Williamson said. "Too good to be true, can't believe he's available, and I guess Harbaugh would make sense...he certainly brings a shot in the arm."

Williamson said all things considered, Jacksonville may be his top job available. 

"I'm kind of talking out of both sides of my mouth here when I said ownership and culture and getting used to winning is big. This is one of the most losing organizations in the last decade, they don't know how to win there and you would have to instill that," Williamson said. "But, they have a couple things really going for them. Draft capital, third-most cap space in the league, their division to me is very winnable in the near future...and Trevor Lawrence. To me of all the assets these five teams provide, Lawrence is the No. 1 asset to work with."

Williamson didn't speak about the Raiders job yet as the team remains in the playoffs and has some questions about whether they could stick with Rick Bisaccia. 

The news of the Giants firing Joe Judge also came after the release of this video. But, former NFL pro Isaiah Stanback addresses the firing and looks ahead to the future for the Giants in the video below:

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