CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Dale Jr. has spoken.

NASCAR’s most popular driver took to Twitter Thursday and declared that none other than our Larry Sprinkle is his favorite weatherman.

Earnhardt was flying east after making a sponsor appearance with driver Justin Allgaier in San Antonio, Texas when he gave Larry some love.

“I was watching the news yesterday and that came on, and I wondered ‘who is it?’” Sprinkle said. “So they started teasing it, and they said my name. I was like, ‘wow!’ It’s very flattering.”

Fans from across the country weighed in, with a few local Twitter followers chiming in for our own Brad Panovich.

Sprinkle said he got to meet Earnhardt during the Olympic Torch run prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

“I met him back in the torch run back in the Winter Olympics for 2002,” Larry said. “Such a nice guy.”

Famed Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore didn’t take the news very well.