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Muggsy Bogues takes time to meet with Berry's twin guards

At 5-foot-4, the Jones twins are big fans of the Hornets legendary point guard

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — First you'll need help telling them apart.

"I got the eyebrow slits in my head when I get a haircut," explains C.J. Jones.

"And I'm the bigger one," says A.J. Jones with a sly smile, "more broad shoulders."

The Jones twins are Philip O. Berry Academy's senior guards, and they've always been on the same team.

"I kind of like it that way because you've got somebody who really understands you," said A.J.

They are different on the court, but they're always in tune. They say "twin telepathy" is real.

"He was coming out of his room and I was coming out of my room," A.J. recalled, "and we were singing the exact same song with the exact same lyric."

But through the years A.J. (5-foot-4) and C.J. (5-foot-3) have had to tune out the doubts about their heights.

"I've actually been called Muggsy Bogues a lot of times," said A.J. "In my head I'm laughing. Stuff like that fuels me and motivates me even more."

Maybe this will too. In an impromptu visit last weekend, the Jones twins actually met the 5-foot-3 Charlotte Hornets legend.

"It was dope," said C.J. "It was very cool."

Bogues taught the twins valuable lessons on how to deal with their size -- but also how to use it to their advantage.

"Small guards like us, he told us we gotta be fast," said A.J., "make quick decisions and push the ball up the court as soon as possible."

Added C.J.: "I look up video of him all the time and little clips of him I take from him and put it in my own game."

The boys are exploring the possibility of playing college basketball, but their focus is academics. They both have high GPA's. A.J. wants to study engineering, while C.J. is looking at sports management.

And of course, they'd like to play together again.

"He's really my other half to be honest," said A.J. "He understands me better than anybody else. I understand him better than anybody else."

"He's my best friend basically," C.J. said. "I love this man to death. If I know anyone has my back, I know he's got it."

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