CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s pretty rare for the Queen City to see as many A-list celebrities like it’s seen during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Thousands of fans and media have traveled up and down uptown, hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity while they’re in town for the big game.

Notable sportscaster and former basketball star Shaquille O’Neill was spotted thanking Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers while they were out controlling traffic in the heavily congested city.

Officer Caleb Costner snapped a picture with Shaq, saying the celebrity made a point to roll down his window and say thank you to the officers who were working long hours and keeping everyone in the city safe.

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“I told him it wasn’t just us but the entire CMPD was working to make sure traffic runs smoothly,” Officer Costner said.

Shaq then said he supported and appreciated everything the officers do.