CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Hornets hosted their 12th pre-draft workout on Thursday. 

Throughout this process, they've hosted players that could be picked in the first or second round of the June 20th draft.

But Thursday morning, they hosted Charlotte native Torin Dorn Jr., a Vance High School product that went on to play at UNC Charlotte and NC State. 

Dorn isn't projected to be a draft pick. But he knows he has the toughness and ability to get on some team's radar.

“The path that you take to get there is different for everybody," he said.

For Dorn, the path has been long and full of others doubt in him, but not doubt in himself.

Lightly recruited out of high school, he first went to UNC Charlotte and was named Conference USA Freshman of the Year.

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After a coaching change, Dorn jumped to the ACC, joining NC State. His last two seasons he averaged 14 points per game, earning him a look from his hometown team.

“It feels good being a hometown kid,” he said. “Playing in the shadow of the Hornets. I got some of the gear, some of the jackets, some of the hats."

Everybody needs somebody for guidance in a process like this and luckily for Torin his cad, Torin Dorn Sr., was an NFL Draft Pick back in 1990. He turns to him for advice.

"Especially when times you go through little spells of doubt not knowing where you're going to be next,” he said. “Having somebody who has been through it definitely helps."

Doubt isn't something Dorn deals with often. His belief in himself is there; he just needs some pro team somewhere to believe it, too.

"If you have a vision for where you want to go, the process and the path you have to get there doesn't really matter,” Dorn said. “The journey is more important than the destination."


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