DAVIDSON, N.C.- Steph Curry sat courtside at Davidson's basketball game Tuesday night cheering on the Wildcats with a boot on his right foot.

The former Davidson and Charlotte Christian standout says he'll probably miss multiple games with the ankle injury he suffered Monday night in the Warriors win over the Pelicans.

"It'll probably be a couple of weeks, but I'm optimistic. Obviously, best case scenario so hopefully it won't be too long. It's always frustrating no matter what it is, you always want to play. From that point you get to the rehab, get back a hundred percent as soon as possible. And hopefully this will be the only one I'll have to deal with all year, and better now than later," Curry said.

With the injury, Curry will miss the Warriors game against the Hornets tomorrow night, a matchup that allows him to come play in front of his hometown crowd.

"It's not an ideal situation, I look forward to this game every year. The Hornets are on the up and up and we're trying to continue to do what we do. I'll be there to support my team and hopefully get a good Charlotte vibe too," Curry explained.

With a day between the Warriors game on Monday and Wednesday, Curry was able to spend Tuesday night at his alma-maters basketball game.

"I'm on the West coast so it's my only opportunity to really see the Wildcats live in person, and thank Coach for doing a little schedule magic and helping me out so I can be here," Curry said.

It's the first time he's been back for a Davidson game since the student section was named after him last year.

"This is home so it's kind of cool to come back and see Section 30 and the whole deal, see all the current students out supporting the team. A lot hasn't really changed though, Coach McKillop is still doing his thing and it's always nice to come back and relive some moments in my head of when I played here," Curry said.

Davidson beat VMI 74-51. The Hornets host the Warriors tomorrow at 8:00 P.M.