CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How much are you willing to pay for a rare piece of Carolina Panthers history? 

For most NFL players, it's a dream to just play in the Super Bowl, let alone win one. For fans, a trip to the big game will surely set you back a few thousand dollars. 

But just how much is going to the Super Bowl worth? 

One former Panther has the price around $30,000. A 2015 NFC Championship ring that was issued to players is currently listed on Ebay for $27,500. The listing does not say which player is selling his ring. 

The ring, which is a size 16, is an authentic Jostens 10k ring with the Super Bowl 50 logo engraved on the inside. It also has "10-0 at home" and "15-1 season" engraved. According to, the rings were made with 77 diamonds and has a 3D depiction of Bank of Amercia Stadium on one side above the player's name. 

The other side of the ring has the NFC Championship Game trophy and the "Keep Pounding" team motto. Players received the rings in June of 2016 after the team's historic 2015 season.