CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Two (which will soon to be four) of Carolina Panthers' biggest fans revealed a huge announcement Wednesday with the help of linebacker Luke Kuechly.

After finding out they were expecting twins, Britt and Samantha Johnson sat down to brainstorm a creative gender reveal. But when they got in the car to travel from Boone to Charlotte for the doctor's appointment that would unveil the sex of their babies, there was a stint of what Britt calls "pregnancy brain."

The quick thinking, soon-to-be dad came up with a plan.

"We got in the car and I said we're going to go to the Panthers practice and Luke is going to do our reveal and she was like, 'No way! Who do you know on the Panthers?!'" Britt said. "Little did she know, I had no plan."

The couple initially both hoped for boys, but a high risk pregnancy with twins made Britt realize he just wanted two healthy blessings. After they found out the genders, they rushed over to the Panthers practice.

"They got done about 1:45 p.m. and about 10 players walked out," Britt said. "I didn't know if we'd see Luke but he was one of the first out."

Luke made his way down the line of fans asking for autographs. When he got to Britt and Samantha, he was taken by surprise.

"I didn't know what to expect. I just said, 'Luke, I'm not looking for an autograph... I'm looking for you to do our reveal,'" Britt said. "He just said, 'That's awesome.'"


In a couple of minutes and just one take, the couple had the ultimate Panther announcement.

"I'm here with the Johnson's and I just wanted to say they have two twin boys on the way and congratulations," Kuechly said.

The couple is thrilled they'll be decorating the nursery in their team's color... blue.

As an assistant baseball coach at Appalachian State University, Britt has a passion for quality athletes.

"As a coach, Luke is the kind of guy I hope my players would emulate," Britt said. "As a father, I always hoped my son would be like Luke or my daughter marries someone like Luke someday."

Britt said Luke was the perfect person to help them out with their reveal because he's humble and a great representative for the Carolina Panthers.

"That was the coolest seven seconds of my life, something my kids will have forever," Britt said.

As for if they'll name one of the boys after their dad's favorite player, Britt and Samantha aren't sure yet. However, they are excited to have the twins sport some Carolina blue.

"I can't promise you the name will be Luke yet, but I can promise you they'll have his jersey."

Congratulations Britt and Samantha!