CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As Hurricane Maria leaves behind damage and destruction all over Puerto Rico- families in the US wait to hear from friends and family. Including Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera.

"Right now, it's moving away from Puerto Rico so we're just kind of anxiously waiting." said Rivera at his mid-week press conference inside Bank of America Stadium.

"We've only heard from one of my cousins so far. I haven't had a chance to call my Father back in California to see if he's heard from anybody else."

Rivera's Father grew up in Puerto Rico before moving to California. Ron Rivera brought his Dad back to the island this summer and talked with NBC Charlotte about the experience:

"It really kind of brings you back to your roots because my Dad's family owns the land that they farm. They've all built homes. Pretty much retirement spots. The thing about it is all their homes are around and in the middle of the land is the home where they were born. It's a reminder for myself this is where we came from this is where it all started."

News from family can't come soon enough for Coach Rivera.

"One of my cousins contacted Stephanie on Facebook. So far, so good."

Relief agencies like Samaritan's Purse and the Red Cross have teams sheltering in place. Samaritan's Purse says they have aircraft ready to go, filled with shelter supplies, food, water, and generators.

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