CHARLOTTE, N.C. — What began as a charitable event turned in to a discussion about stadium renovations. 

Panthers owner David Tepper, along with his foundation and the team’s foundation, donated $120,000 to local CMS classrooms for supplies.

After several questions about the donation, Tepper was asked about his stadium and facilities. He offered no indication of where the team’s upcoming new headquarters would be built, but did make a comment about the current stadium -- one of the oldest in the NFL.

“What I would love, if we could ever do it and get people to support it, is to put a roof in here,” Tepper said.

Tepper has already indicated he would like to keep a Panthers stadium, old or new, in its uptown Charlotte location.

Renovating it the existing stadium to include a roof could be one option, according to leading stadium architect Bryan Trubey.

“Absolutely,” Trubey told NBC Charlotte previously. “There’s many different ways to do that.”

New stadiums in the NFL cost at least $1 billion. A renovation and new roof would likely be in the hundreds of millions.

“That could become the better long-term value,” Trubey said

An enclosed stadium could be key for Charlotte to attract a Final Four or Super Bowl, among other events.