CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Ok, so things could have gone a little better for the Carolina Panthers last night when playing the Buffalo Bills. Everything did not appear to be shiny and new. However, there were some positives to be taken away from the game. Here are the highs and lows you need to know.

The Highs

When asked about DJ Moore in training camp I would always reply he looks like the most complete wide receiver the Panthers have drafted since Steve Smith. Last night we all saw why. Not only did Moore show nice hands, but he also flashed that run after catch ability he was lauded for. At this point I am thinking Moore may have the most receiving yards of any wide receiver on the team this season. Hopefully, he can break Kelvin Benjamin’s record. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Christian McCaffrey looked much improved in the run game. CMC is hitting the holes much more decisively and relying on his speed and burts rather than his dancing before contact. He truly looked like a legitimate between the tackles runner last night. That is great news.

Rookie TE Ian Thomas had an impressive first game as a professional player. For a guy that was labeled a “project”, he sure looks more polished than many rookie tight ends who were supposedly pro-ready. At this point, Chris Manhertz may see his backup tight end position in jeopardy, right?

The Lows

Cam Newton did not have a good game. Am I concerned? Not at all. But you cannot tell me with any intellectual integrity that was a game he would be proud of. Perhaps the pregame drama with Kelvin Benjamin rattled his cage a bit. The video of the exchange was awfully awkward to watch.

Whoa buddy, did Kevon Seymour look bad. Not just bad, but baaaad. Let us hope and pray that rookie corner Donte Jackson continues to improve and will start opposite James Bradberry. That I could live with. Seeing Seymour cover the NFC south receivers? Not so much.

Can anyone spare a backup quarterback? Cam Newton having an off day is of no concern. However, having no NFL caliber quarterback behind him is definitely worrisome. I suspect Marty Hurney will be making a move to remedy this situation soon.

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