CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The rain didn't dampen the spirits at Bank of America Stadium Friday night. 

It's the stadium that's been the center of attention this week as Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper threw out big ideas regarding the team's home. 

The black and blue were pounding through as cheerleaders, the Purrcussion Band, and others got the crowd pumped up before the practice kicked off inside. 

"Keep pounding!" said El Granda Gato, or The Big Cat, a super fan of the team. 

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Some 62,500 tickets were sold for the event, according to the team staff. It was a sellout crowd and record for Fan Fest. 

Everyone was packed in the stands, ponchos and all, due to the heavy rain.

"It's been alright; they actually enjoy the fact that it's raining. Me? Not so much, but whatever floats their boat," said a mother attending with her children. 

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The open stadium didn't help keep fans dry. But that's one reason for Tepper's big and expensive plans. 

The first would be putting a retractable roof over the current stadium -- or he would like to build a brand new home for the Panthers. 

Some fans said they're in favor. 

"Just, I don't have to be covering her, she'll be exposed, it's just more of a hassle," said one fan as she referenced her baby strapped to her chest under a poncho. 

"Sometimes outdoor games can be hard to play in, it can just manage both -- having a retractable roof especially," added another fan.

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But others like the game the way it is. 

"Being out there in the atmosphere, the cold, the heat, it just makes it the way football was meant to be played. But I'm not against it, because I like air conditioning," said El Grande Gato. 

It's a debate that's likely to continue, but a promise that no matter where the team plays, the fans will be there. 

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