CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Since David Tepper was announced as the new owner of the Panthers, a number of people have raised questions about who he is and what kind of person he is.

The usual description of him is that he is a billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist, but a New York Magazine profile article that digs deep into his background has everyone talking.

On ESPN’s Spain and Fitz program, there was a lot of talk about Tepper who owns and manages Appaloosa Management.

The hosts cited the 2010 New York Magazine story that describes Tepper’s offices, “which resemble a high-end sports bar – all polished mahogany and flat-screen TVs -- or a wealthy frat house.”

The article also said most of the employees were male.

Also mentioned in the story, “Tepper has a pair of brass testicles…they are afficed to a plaque” and “were a gift from a friend.”

Spain and Fritz then read from another part of the story that mentions a client of Tepper’s who manufactured breast implants: “He used to keep a pair on his desk and enjoyed throwing them around.”

Tepper bought the Panthers after owner Jerry Richardson was the focus of a December Sports Illustrated story that alleged Richardson was guilty of sexual harassment and of using a racial slur.

Tepper is currently a part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers which means he has already been vetted by the other NFL owners who apparently did not question the issues raised in the magazine profile.

The NFL owners who meet next week still have to approve the sale of the Panthers to Tepper.