CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis took to Twitter Friday evening with some sad news for his fans.

In a video, Davis said the NFL informed him that he had tested positive for a banned substance, a violation of the league's performance-enhancing drug policy.

Davis went on to say that he had been taking the same supplements for several years and never had a problem before. Davis said an estrogen blocker triggered a positive test.

"As bad as it hurts me to sit here and tell you guys this, I know it's going to hurt a lot of people that have looked up and believed in Thomas Davis over the years, just know, in no way, in no way have I done anything intentionally to try to cheat this game," Davis said.

Davis stated he received a four-game suspension. That means the team will be without its seven-time captain and all-time leading tackler for the first quarter of next season. The incident also gives 2015 first-round linebacker Shaq Thompson a shot at the limelight.

The 14-year veteran said after the punishment, he would be ready to get back on the field with his teammates.

"Who knows? Maybe this isn't my last year," added Davis.

NBC Charlotte is working to get reaction from the Carolina Panthers. They posted this article about the incident on their website. The NFL also posted this story.

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