ALBEMARLE, N.C. - A couple of young brothers from Albemarle got a chance to show Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton how fast they could think on their feet.

It happened moments before this past Sunday's game at Bank of America stadium. And while the boys are back home, they can't stop talking about the chance encounter.

No doubt about it, the Carter boys are panthers fans.

Which is why they were watching warm-ups from the sideline on Sunday when their favorite quarterback strolled up.

"He came over and started doing his stretches on the wall," Mrs. Carter said. "I guess he just saw them and decided to make their day."

"We got to meet him, Cam Newton," recalled one of the boys.

And did they ever. Newton stopped by to challenge the boys to a battle of wits.

"Well, first he played 'Rock Paper Scissor' with them," mom said. "and Bronx got the waist band and then he saw that Noah had a football. So he signed that real quick."

"My heart stopped and I started shaking," the boy said smiling.

The video went viral, and soon everyone was talking about the 'Rock Paper Scissor Showdown.' But these brothers won't need a website to remember the day they rubbed shoulders with the Panther of their choice.

'They are still on could nine, and they want come down for quite some time. It meant everything to them."

Going to last Sunday's game was a birthday present to 7-year-old Bronx. His parents say they don't know how they will top it next year.