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Watch: Tom Brady shares 'big announcement' about his future in Hulu Super Bowl ad

The Super Bowl ad features Tom Brady in Gillette stadium talking about how 'all good things come to an end.' Then, it takes a turn...

Everyone can calm down, Tom Brady isn't going anywhere. 

The New England Patriots quarterback had everyone in a frenzy earlier in the week when he posted a cryptic tweet that showed him either leaving or entering Gillette Stadium. Was it his way of confirming he'd be leaving the Patriots? No one knew at first, but most suspected something was up. 

On Sunday night, it was revealed that it was all a part of a Hulu ad where Brady shared "a big announcement about his future." 

The ad features Brady in Gillette stadium talking about how "all good things come to an end." It heavily implies that Brady could be retiring...but of course that's not the case.  

"So to my teammates, my family and most of all my fans, you deserve to hear this from me...Hulu doesn't just have live sports," Brady explained.  

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"So it's time to say goodbye to TV as you know it. But me? I'm not going anywhere." 

Brady is set to enter free agency this off season. It remains unclear whether he plans to remain with the Patriots or head to a different team.